The Lord’s Acre Inc. is a local volunteer-based, not for profit corporation with a part-time manager, modestly paid to help organize the garden, coordinate volunteers, and teach gardening skills. In our first year we delivered over 3 tons of nutritious, organic vegetables to our local food bank The Lord’s acre builds community involvement, providing opportunity for volunteers to work side by side, learning organic gardening skills and helping to grow fresh local food to feed the hungry. Come work with us, grab a hoe and pitch in – we’d love to have you!

Our History

Recently in a grant application, we were asked to look at our project from a perspective of 50 years from now. This short video tells our story still only a few years old but very rich.

Our main volunteer times are Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00. If you can organize a group of five to ten people who want to work another day and time, please contact us and we’ll try to accommodate you.

To get on our volunteer / garden update email list e-mail us at thelordsacre@gmail.com.

The Story Behind the Name

Back in the first half of last century, the Farmers Federation, a local agricultural cooperative that helped area farmers make a better living, started a project called “The Lord’s Acre.” Inspired by the biblical tithe (gift of a tenth), farmers who signed up donated the produce from one acre of their crops to help feed others. Within 11 years from humble beginnings near Asheville, NC, The Lord’s Acre project grew to include over a thousand churches, 20 denominations with gardens flourishing throughout the US and in India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

Inspired by past success we are working together to bring The Lord’s Acre plan to those in need.

Board of Directors

Click here to meet our dedicated Board of Directors.

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